Access and manage all your affiliate data in one place.

The complete backend solution for Affiliates
Fast and easy overview of all your affiliate data
Poker - Rakeback - Casino - Sportsbook - eWallet and more
Your life as an affiliate becomes much better with IncomeControls

Imported data every day

Automatic daily updates

Imagine this: Your Revenue data is imported every day and is made available for you, your partners and your customers to view. You know how much you're earning, which sites you're earning on and which of your players and sub-affiliates are performing.

Know your players - fast!

A few of your players have been slacking this month: IncomeControls knows, and now you do too. In two seconds, you can see their deals, their notes, their contact info and find out who brought them in, so you can take action before it's too late.

Fast stats & customer retention

Mass-payment files for fast processing

Easy Payment tracking

When payments come in, you check with the system whether the amounts are correct. When payments go out, IncomeControls has already done your calculations and gives you a mass-payment file to process them all at once. You'll have a complete transaction history too, linked to each customer's profile.



IncomeControls is a system you can rely on to increase your profits and reduce your workload.

Feature-rich solution that caters to your needs as an affiliate

Dedicated support team and clear, on-page, step-by-step guides

Focus on features as well as usability

Secure database with personal back-up capabilities

Fast updates and quick fulfillment of feature requests

Get in touch for a demo and this could be how you work in a matter of days.

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